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Absolute Air offers high quality, affordable ductwork cleaning, repair and replacement services. Air ducts are the channels through which air flows, circulating warm or cold air and ventilating your home or office. Ducts are a major component of your heating and cooling systems and their cleanliness and upkeep are vital to the efficiency of the system and the air quality in your living or working space. It is important to have your ducts checked regularly. At Absolute Air, we offer this service at a great price.

Duct Cleaning

Ducts and internal insulation can become hotspots for dust, mites and mold. It is especially important to have your ducts cleaned if there is noticeable blockage of your vents or if there is extra dust floating around the house. If anyone in your family suffers from allergies or other illnesses, it could be linked to unclean ducts. At Absolute Air we promise to do an immaculate job. We’ll clean your ducts and remove all dust, mold and any other form of blockage. Your ducts will be running properly again in no time, for an affordable price.

Duct Sealing, Repair, and Replacement

Duct sealing is necessary to keep your heating and air conditioning system working properly. When ducts have cracks or leaks, air is able to escape, which causes your system to be less efficient and your energy bill to go up.

Contrary to its name, duct tape should not be used to seal cracks in your duct. Special tape is necessary to adequately repair leaks, and sometimes certain sections of a duct must be replaced all together. You can trust Absolute Air to do a complete job repairing your ducts, giving you a more functional and efficient air and heating system.

Types of Ductwork

There are several different types of ductwork materials used in homes and offices today. Some ductwork is composed of metal sheets, which are designed to contract and expand with changing temperatures. Metal ductwork is formed as round metal pipes or rectangular ducts. Fiberglass ductwork, also known as ductboard, is another popular and inexpensive option for different parts of your home or office. Flexible ductwork, composed of a plastic liner, is also popular due to its bendable structure and mobility. However, once cracked, flexible ductwork can be difficult to repair.

Duct System Components

Ductwork has many different components that make up the entire system. Ductwork insulation helps to maintain the air temperature and reduce noise produced by air travelling through the duct system. Vibration insulators are rubbery, flexible sections that also assist in muting the noise of moving air. Take offs are small metal pieces that fit within the duct system to distribute the air flow to different pathways, helping to heat or cool your entire home. Stacks are vertical ducts that transport air through thin walls. Volume control dampers are used to regularly adjust airflow through the house or office to different rooms, or in the case of an emergency. Smoke and fire dampers can stop air flow altogether. Plenums cycle air through the central air unit and distribute it to different rooms. Absolute Air’s professional staff are trained experts and highly knowledgeable in everything relating to ductwork. We’re here to assist you in whatever you need to improve your system.

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