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Absolute Air Testimonials

Absolute Air continuously looks for ways to improve the business to give the best service possible. We want to hear what our customers are saying about us! Your reviews are important to us so that we are knowledgable about services rendered and the quality of work given. We look forward to hearing what you have to say! Contact Us.

  • I obtained three competitive estimates for the installation of an entirely new heating and AC system (ducts included).  The other two bids were from larger more established companies.  Absolute Air was not only the most competitive bid, the system they quoted was better than the competitors, in both energy efficiency of the system and R8 v. R6 insulation on the ducts.  In fact it was so much better, I almost didn't go with them because the deal seemed too good to be true compared to the other bids.  I discussed my concerns with the owner, Anthony, and he set my mind at ease.  His crew was great, worked hard and got the system installed as planned.  So far the system has been in for about two months (two hot months) and it has performed perfectly as well as reduce my electric bills.  I recommend Absolute Air and hope you have as good an experience as I had. - Justin L.
  • The absolute air guys were recommended by a awesome concrete foundation guy we love, We are first time homeowners in Oakland and we have learned the hard way that word of mouth is the best way to pick vendors. Well these guys delivered on time and budget and I loved working with them. They are reliable, down to earth guys that I would hire again in a heart beat. - Gilles D.

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